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How to pass your Driving test - one simple rule.

Dont fail

It may sound stupid but you dont actually pass a Driving Test - you automatically pass if you do not fail

Statistics published by the Driving Standards Agency show that 47% of people fail the Driving Test and the most likely reasons are:

  • Observation at Junctions - 20%. People who fail on this usually do so because they haven't looked both left and right sufficiently before crossing the line.
  • Use of mirrors when changing direction -13%. Remember Mirror BEFORE anf signal or manouevre
  • Turning right at Junctions - 11%. A classic mistake here is to pull out in front of a vehicle that is signalling left before it is clear that he actually is
  • Road positioning on normal driving - 10%
  • Moving off under control - 8%
  • Correct response to traffic lights - 6%
  • Reverse park under control - 5%.
  • Reverse left under control - 5%
  • Maintain progress without undue hesitation
  • Response to signs - road markings - 3%
  • Maintain progress correct speed - 3%
  • Signal as neccessary - 2%
So focus - observation is the key - you must drive in a way that can see, interpret and anticipate the actions of otehr road users - and the only way you vcan do this is to be aware!